Krissmarie (krissmarie) wrote,

Not true.

Whatever you hear about me at school is not true.

Saturday night nothing happened.

I didn't give him head.
I didn't give him a hand job.
He didn't pass out and I didn't cover him with a blanket and then fuck him.
I didn't make out with him.

Whatever you hear isn't true. Jake doesn't even remember Saturday so whatever he says is a fucking lie.

Whatever anyone tells you is a fucking lie.

We shared a blanket. That's fucking it.

And to you bastards who are spreading this shit about me you better check your fucking facts. There are only TWO people who would even know the entire truth about what happened and one, the one who started it all, doesn't even remember.

Miss Hailey Capelle, you need to shut your goddamn mouth before I shut it for you. You weren't even there. We arent' even friends. You're full of shit and I don't care who knows it. If ANYONE is this situation is pregnant it's most likely you. Fucking stay away from me and the next time you mention my name it better be you apologizing.

There are so many people who I want to beat sense into. Most of them were there that night. Let's think about this logically...

-He was drunk off his ass so let's believe what he says versus what I say. Grand idea.
-Kendra and Tiff were UNDER the blanket with us for a half hour. That wouldn't make it hard at all for us to do shit.
-There were six or seven other people around us... yet no one noticed me doing shit to him? Seems logical huh?
-Why the fuck would I do that to Kendra?
-Why the fuck would i do that anyway?

For those of you who don't believe me I have two words, fuck you.

And for those of you who do believe me I also have two words for you, thank you.

I'm closing this subject. It's over. I'm not going to try and convince people I didn't do anything. I know what happened and that's all that matters. I can see why people kill themselves because of gossip. Highschoolers are barbaric.
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