Krissmarie (krissmarie) wrote,

Alli, Ken Ken and my Heaven.

Ken Ken, Alli and I were talking about which men we wanted in our heaven... here's out list so far...

Abe Lincoln (Ken Ken)
Don Adams (Me)
George Clooney (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Orlando Bloom (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
George H. W. Bush (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Andrew Mortonson (Me)
Johnny Cash (Ken Ken)
Frank Sinatra (Me)
Dean Martin (Alli)
Johnny Depp (Alli)
Kenny Chesney (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Keith Urban (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Humphrey Bogart (Me)
Pete from Fall Out Boy (Alli)
Richard Geere (Ken Ken, Ali, me)
Dr Phil (Alli, me)
Peter Pan (Ken Ken Alli)
Greg Raposo (Alli)

More to be added later.
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