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You Never Can Find The Right Words In A Book [entries|friends|calendar]

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Back in Black [August 31st, 2006]
So this is the first actual entry I've written in her in a long time.

Daniel left for college... two days ago.
Karen leaves tomorrow.
Kari leaves Friday.

Sucks huh?
I thought so too.

I've been on Myspace a lot.
But I do miss the El Jay days.
I'm not gonna lie.
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Um, since forever? [March 13th, 2006]
I haven't updated this thing in a long time.

That's pretty much because I'm not on Myspace.


I'll be back here eventually. Afterall, this is my home.
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[December 3rd, 2005]
I have a road lesson tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning and I'm nervous. I know, I know, it's ABOUT EFFING TIME I got back into the swing of things...

I hope everything goes well. I went through straight line backing, y-turn, uphill parking and down hill parking with my mom tonight and I didn't spin out due to snow at all so I'm thinking tomorrow shall go alright... I hope.

Pray for me. I need it.

And you can pray for the 20th too because that's my fourth one!
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[December 3rd, 2005]
I saw Walk The Line tonight.

If possible, I love Johnny Cash even more.
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[November 25th, 2005]
I went and saw RENT last night. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
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[November 20th, 2005]
Pretty sure Alli and Ken Ken gave me the most AMAZING birthday present.

1. They gave me 10 bucks.
2. THe Blink 182 CD with I Miss You on it. When I was in LT Ken Ken called my cell phone like everyday and sang that song to me. It was beautiful.
3. THe Breakfast Club. However they changed it with paper and glue. It is The Kristin Club. Jock=Mike Sherman, Brain=Don Adams, Princess=me, basket case=Alli, criminal=Ken Ken.

I laughed so hard when they gave that to me. Those girls are the absolute best.

Mantas called me today to wish my a happy birthday(I guess he tried calling Fri but I didn't answer)... I was shocked.

Oh yes, other news, Tuesday I'm going back to the DMV to renew my temps. About fucking time, huh?

17 with no DL. I'm depressed now. I wish I wasn't so damn lazy.
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[November 18th, 2005]
Well, today is my 17th birthday. My mom took me and Kendra and Alli to the midnight showing on Harry Potter and let me tell you it was amazing!!! I think this movie is BY FAR the best thus far. That, and Harry sure got hot.

My mom has been great tryin to make my birthday excellent. However, she can't undo what other people have did and that was to make me feel, well, like shit.

I would, however like to thank to following people who went out of their way to make my day better...

my Mom
Ken Ken

And one more note... when a person buys a friend a present on their birthday and then when it's that friend's birthday and you offer a hug as their present... it shows how much of an ass hole you really are.
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Holy. Shit. [November 17th, 2005]
I have not been on LJ for a while and it's ALL NEW.
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[November 3rd, 2005]
Preble boy's soccer won their first game in the state series or whatever the correct term is...

First half 0-0
Second half 0-0
First OT 0-0
Secons OT 0-0

Racine goes first for the shoot out. Blake saves a goal.
Preble's Adam Sanchez shoots, misses.
Racine's second boy shoots. Blake saves.
Preble shoots. GOAL!
1-0 Preble.
Racine's third boy shoots. Goal.
Preble shoots. Goal
Racine's fourth boy shoots. goal.
Preble shoots. Goal.
Racine's fifth boy shoots. Blake saved it!!!

#21... man, what an effing hottie.
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Alli, Ken Ken and my Heaven. [October 27th, 2005]
Ken Ken, Alli and I were talking about which men we wanted in our heaven... here's out list so far...

Abe Lincoln (Ken Ken)
Don Adams (Me)
George Clooney (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Orlando Bloom (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
George H. W. Bush (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Andrew Mortonson (Me)
Johnny Cash (Ken Ken)
Frank Sinatra (Me)
Dean Martin (Alli)
Johnny Depp (Alli)
Kenny Chesney (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Keith Urban (Ken Ken, Alli, Me)
Humphrey Bogart (Me)
Pete from Fall Out Boy (Alli)
Richard Geere (Ken Ken, Ali, me)
Dr Phil (Alli, me)
Peter Pan (Ken Ken Alli)
Greg Raposo (Alli)

More to be added later.
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[October 25th, 2005]
On Thurs I get my wisdom teeth cut out.


Rosa Parks died.

That is all.
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[October 22nd, 2005]
I'm never drinking again.

I vomited more than I thought possible.
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[October 14th, 2005]
I think my neighbor is having an affair with the mother of his little son's friend.

I'll keep you updated.
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Not true. [October 10th, 2005]
Whatever you hear about me at school is not true.

Saturday night nothing happened.

I didn't give him head.
I didn't give him a hand job.
He didn't pass out and I didn't cover him with a blanket and then fuck him.
I didn't make out with him.

Whatever you hear isn't true. Jake doesn't even remember Saturday so whatever he says is a fucking lie.

Whatever anyone tells you is a fucking lie.

We shared a blanket. That's fucking it.

And to you bastards who are spreading this shit about me you better check your fucking facts. There are only TWO people who would even know the entire truth about what happened and one, the one who started it all, doesn't even remember.

Miss Hailey Capelle, you need to shut your goddamn mouth before I shut it for you. You weren't even there. We arent' even friends. You're full of shit and I don't care who knows it. If ANYONE is this situation is pregnant it's most likely you. Fucking stay away from me and the next time you mention my name it better be you apologizing.

There are so many people who I want to beat sense into. Most of them were there that night. Let's think about this logically...

-He was drunk off his ass so let's believe what he says versus what I say. Grand idea.
-Kendra and Tiff were UNDER the blanket with us for a half hour. That wouldn't make it hard at all for us to do shit.
-There were six or seven other people around us... yet no one noticed me doing shit to him? Seems logical huh?
-Why the fuck would I do that to Kendra?
-Why the fuck would i do that anyway?

For those of you who don't believe me I have two words, fuck you.

And for those of you who do believe me I also have two words for you, thank you.

I'm closing this subject. It's over. I'm not going to try and convince people I didn't do anything. I know what happened and that's all that matters. I can see why people kill themselves because of gossip. Highschoolers are barbaric.
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[October 8th, 2005]
Today is the homecoming dance and I'm actually going. Go me.

Eric Martin is le date. He's picking me up, we're going over to Alli's to meed up and maybe some pictures and then to Applebee's for din-din. And of course, the dance.

I'm pretty excited. This year is going to be better than my frosh year no doubt.

I went with Ken-Ken to get my hair done. I like it. I'll probably post pictures in a few days of how hot I look.

Homecoming day (Friday) was great. Juvenile Juniors FINALLY won a game against the Freshmen. Then we played the Seniors and it was two touchdowns to three. We put up a good fight but came up short. It was a great time, however. The parade was ok... it was cold and rainy though.

And then the game... oh Lord the game. Preble is now 7-0. NDA is going to have to put up a fight. And the halftime show... Oh man our band was fantastic! It was the best halftime show of all the history of halftime shows throughout all the high schools in the Green Bay area. Sprining onto the field all of us clad in black shoes, black pants, white shirt white gloves, Blues Brother sunglasses and a Blues Brothers hat... all 200 of us... it was great. We were a huge hit. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. No doubt.

Then we went TPing. It was ok. Yeah. The end.
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[October 5th, 2005]

I'm destined to wander the world alone.
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[October 5th, 2005]
MySpace pisses me off. It's down more times than... I don't know what to say to finish this statement but yes, it's down quite a bit. I just want to find Tom and kill him for being such a pain in the ass.

I had Powder Puff practice yesterday and again tomorrow. I'm very excited for Friday. We have one mission, one passion, one destiny... to beat the seniors. And beat them we shall. We will murder them with our Criss-Cross Applesauce, lawnmower, honey bunch, and complicated plays. Not to mention our tough as rock defense.

For marching band the half time show is going along pretty well I must say. There are still a few kinks to work out but I'm thinking we won't look too much like fags when we preform. Aw hell, when you're playing The Blues Brothers you can never look like a fag.

On to other things, I totally spilled the beans on something and I feel horrible. Nicole, darling, I apologize. I totally forgot about the Ketchup stuff!

And finally, Eric Perterson is a bastard.
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[October 3rd, 2005]
I, Kristin Orlando, am a loser.

Do I have a homecoming date, no.

Will I ever? No.

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Sure You Can Ask Me A Personal Question... [September 30th, 2005]
I love this poem.

How do you do?
No, I am not Chinese.
No, not Spanish.
No, I am American Indi-uh, Native American.
No, not from India.
No, not Apache.
No, not Navajo.
No, not Sioux.
No, we are not extinct.
Yes, Indian.
So that’s where you got those high cheekbones.
Your great grandmother, huh?
An Indian Princess, huh?
Hair down to there?
Let me guess. Cherokee?
Oh, so you’ve had an Indian friend?
That close?
Oh, so you’ve had an Indian lover?
That tight?
Oh, so you’ve had an Indian servant?
That much?
Yeah, it was awful what you guys did to us.
It’s real decent of you to apologize.
No, I don’t know where you can get peyote.
No, I don’t know where you can get Navajo rugs real cheap.
No, I didn’t make this. I bought it at Bloomingdale’s.
Thank you. I like your hair too.
I don’t know if anyone knows whether or not Cher is really Indian.
No, I didn’t make it rain tonight.
Yeah. Uh-huh. Spirituality.
Uh-huh. Yeah. Spirituality. Uh-huh. Mother.
Earth. Yeah. Uh’huh. Uh’huh. Spirituality.
No, I didn’t major in archery.
Yeah a lot of us drink too much.
Some of us can’t drink enough.
This ain’t no stoic look.
This is my face.

-Diane Burns

After reading this it makes me somewhat proud to be 12.5% Creek.
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[September 27th, 2005]
Don Adams. 4-13-23 to 9-25-05.

I know you know this already but, he was my hero and this is my journal so I can do whatever I want. I'll be in moruning till Get Smart comes out on DVD.

So I was thinking of asking Tim Shay to homecoming but I think he's going with someone else already... I don't know. We'll see. I asked Zack to find out if he's going with anyone. If he isn't I'll ask him. If he is I won't and I'll find someone else. I don't want to go with just friends whis year. It gets old.

I ♥♥♥♥♥ Don Adams
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